” Concha Balsemão is a new team rider from Semente Surfboards.

Concha Balsemão was born in the Algarve on September 10th, 2002. She’s a “chip off the old block”, following her father’s footsteps. Henrique Balsemão is a surfer and was one of the Surf Portugal Magazine founders as well as the TV show “Portugal Radical” which during the 90’s was a great booster for surfing and other action sports in Portugal.
Carrying her father’s surfer DNA along with a great set of human values that were passed down from her family, the growing surf culture in Portugal marked Concha’s childhood and adolescence.

She started surfing when she was 5 years old with her dad’s Retro Surfboard but only at the age of 10 did her passion for competition surfing start. At that time, she entered her first championship, the Volcom Rumblefish at Praia do Amado, where in the male category under 10 she finished in 4th place.

One of her great passions is to go on surf trips around the world, meeting people, exploring new cultures, new customs and surfing good waves. Before little Concha turned 5 years old she had already been to Morocco, Brazil, Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti. From 10 to 14 years old she surfed the waves of Costa Rica, Maldives, Azores and went back to Hawaii.

… Concha’s commitment and dedication have shown in a short period of time that she has the capacities to pursue and achieve her dream of becoming a professional surfer. Being a part of the Semente Surfboard team for her is a great honor. Since she was a young girl Semente was a constant presence in her photo albums and around her house. ”

Welcome aboard Concha!


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