Skateboarding is the ideal training for the surf . When there ́s no waves i put on my phones and skate till sunset at home…


One of my family hobbies is MUSIC , i like to play the piano and sing…


… water colours  & inspiring people  ….

Surf Trips


This year i went to Australia where i spend 5 weeks with some friends and our coach ,training ,free surfing , visiting and exploring that amazing country. The last week of our trip , we watch the Gold Coast WSL first event of the 2017 season. Was very inspiring , surfing with some of the best surfers in the world.


One of my family hobbies is MUSIC , i like to play the piano and sing…


… family # waves & old friends

Social Work


From 3 till 13 years old i was at a Waldorf School -Escola Livre do Algarve.

The roots of this education are based on formed free and individuals humans being, with critic spirit and active opinion at the society.


The school was founded by a group of parents and teachers , and have a strong spirit of community. I was part of the first group, since that start, the school organizes fundraising events .

We cook , sell art crafts made by us , organize games, and other activities .

I believe that our dreams can come true with creativity and persistence.
I know that part of my attitude in life, become from the great experience of the Steiner Education, where we learn with pleasure, and involvement .

more info: https://www.escolawaldorfaoliveira.org/


I’m doing some social work in this year, with the support of the Portimão Surf Clube and other organizations.

We are doing sections of surf, to teach the children of the orphanage in Lagos. There’s a group of children from 12 to 18 years they never try surf before.

This kind of actions makes my heart full of gratitude! It´s a pleasure share my passions…